Maxime Castelli


will.i.am and Yuri Suzuki 2014


Projet d'instruments de musiques interactifs, mandatés par Will.I.Am présentés dans le cadre d'une exposition intitulée "Digital Revolution: An immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and video games" au Barbican Centre de Londres.

Produced by: will.i.am and Sean ‘bare’ Rodella
Written by: will.i.am, Sean ‘bare’ Rodella, Sergio Mendes, Lancde Tolbert
Featuring: Sergio Mendes
Drum progamming: will.i.am and Sean ‘bare’ Rodella
Guitar: Lance Tolbert and Sean ‘bare’ Rodella
Synths: will.i.am and Sean ‘bare’ Rodella
Engineered: will.i.am and Padraic Kerrin
Mixed: Joe Peluso and Aaron Dhal
Recorded and mixed @ the Future Hollywood, CA
Project Managemenrt: Tatiana Litvin
Projected visuals: Pasha Shapiro and Ernst Weber
Design Direction: will.i.am and Yuri Suzuki
Pyramidi design: Yuri Suzuki, Searu, Alex Bygrave, Maxime Castelli and Neil Usher
Mechanical and electronics design: SearU and Alex Bygrave
Pyramidi production management : Neil Usher and Joseph Popper
Project advisor and programming: Kenjiro Matsuo and Arthur Carabott